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A collection of impressions...

I created this website to share my artwork with the world. I was born in New York and raised in Santiago, Dominican Republic. I am the only child of a single mother. I grew up in a bubble where I was the center of the universe, that could do and deserved it all. I grew up believing to be special, unique, different, and with a great need to express my feelings. I come from a matriarchal family, of love and sacrifice. I come from the constant struggle to be better. The falls and raises are what made ​​me who I am today.

My work is the result of my experiences, based on emotions and personal views. It carries universal feelings with which the viewer can relate to. I utilize a simple vocabulary of symbols, but that goes straight to the point being communicated, in other words, it is a plain and straightforward language. I create art to communicate, to share and to release. In one way or the other, the feeling goes through a transformation and becomes an object where a deposit what I feel and this allows me to carry on. Another quality of my work is that it is narrative. It is also a way to communicate difficult emotions which become more acceptable as artwork. The work speaks on my behalf. It also becomes the means to perpetuate a feeling. I also love finding the details that go unnoticed in everyday things, and somehow do them justice and give the importance they deserve through art.

I invite you to take a look through these pages and encourage you to contact me with any comments or suggestions.
Thank you for stopping by!

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